Top 10 Grossing Movies of 2009

In case you are wondering what the top 10 grossing movies for 2009 are, here is the list:

1.)        Transformers:  Revenge Of The Fallen–$402,111,870
2.)        Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince–$301,959,197
3.)        UP–$293,004,164
4.)        The Twilight Saga: New Moon–$280,924,000 (Yuck! Vampires.)
5.)        The Hangover–$277,322,503
6.)        Star Trek–$257,730,019 (J.J. Abrams can sleep well, knowing that he has
a hit on his hands.)
7.)        AVATAR–$212,268,000 (James Cameron must be sleeping well, too.)
8.)        Monsters vs. Aliens–$198,351,526
9.)        Ice Age:  Dawn of the Dinosaurs–$196,573,705
10.)      The Blind Side–$184,387,000

Of course, there is a pattern to be found in this list and that is, for the most part, these are blockbuster films. All of the films, except for The Blind Side, are escapist cinema at its best. The good guy fights the villain, the villain goes to jail, the good guy gets the girl and they all live happily ever after, except for the villain. Of course, I like blockbuster films. Why? Because the good guy fights the villain, the villain goes to jail, etc, etc. With all do respect to independent film makers and their fans, I do enough thinking in my life and when its time to see a movie, I just want to sit back and enjoy the show. Obviously, lots of people feel the same way, because just look at the money these movies brought in over the course of 2009.

The trouble is if you or I were to do the same thing over and over, we would be scolded for not thinking “outside the box”. If the powers that be in Hollywood do the same thing over and over, they make loads of money. Well, I guess it is like that engineers’ saying, “If it works, it works.”

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