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Movie Characters You Wouldn’t Want to Meet in a Well Lit Alley

December 22, 2011

Never mind the saying that goes “I wouldn’t want to meet that person in a dark alley.” There are some movie characters that you wouldn’t want to meet in broad daylight. Who are some of these characters? Well, there’s…

Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction
One of the most infamous movie of the 1980’s, which features the most psycho of psycho ex’s and is one of Glenn Close’s signature roles. There wasn’t even much a relationship for her to get worked up over. It was just a weekend fling with Michael Douglas’ character. Of course, when Michael Douglas’ character explains he’s married and things have to end, Alex isn’t just going to slink away and gripe about married men. Crank calls, acid on a car hood and a boiling pot that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase Rabbit Stew, all show how sick this woman is. In fact when this film was broadcast on television, I had to shut it off when I saw the pot-boiling scene. That scene scared me, because I knew immediately what was in there and I didn’t wait to see Anne Archer, who played Douglas’ wife in the film, lift the lid. I thought, “If this lady can kill some kid’s pet, who knows what she’s capable of and I don’t want to find out.”

Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada
Newly minted journalism graduate, Andrea Sachs, (Anne Hathaway) is hired as the assistant to the editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine, Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Andrea soon learns that the job most gals would die for involves working for a boss who takes maliciousness to a whole new level. Miranda makes snide comments about Andrea’s sweater (“It’s not blue… it’s cerulean.”) and expects her to know what type of skirt Miranda means when she tells Andrea that she wants “skirts”. Yes, the boss is not only from hell, the boss also makes everyone’s life a living hell. Of course, it would be funny if there weren’t bosses like Miranda Priestly. Unfortunately for the majority of working folk, there are plenty of bosses, both male and female, like Miranda Priestly.

Avery Tolar from The Firm
If you’ve seen The Firm you’re probably wondering what’s so bad about Avery Tolar, who’s played by Gene Hackman? Yeah, he’s a lawyer, but he doesn’t make sarcastic remarks or threats. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that he is apathetically amoral. He knows that the law firm he works for is basically a tool of the Mafia. Maybe at one time he cared and thought about doing something about it. Unfortunately, he gave up and thought, “The hell with it.”  So, he just did his job, ate, drank and was merry and waited for what he thought was inevitable, death at the hands of the firm. That’s what makes his character so scary. He had lost hope and not having hope is scary.

Darth Vader from Star Wars Episodes IV – VI
Of course, I couldn’t leave out the baddest of bad guys. The man who killed his son’s adoptive parents, destroyed an entire inhabited planet, had his daughter tortured, had someone frozen in carbonite, was going to freeze his own son in carbonite, fought his own son in what was suppose to be a death match and cut off his son’s left hand. It’s pretty obvious the dude’s not to be messed with. Or is it? Remember Darth Vader started out as Anakin Skywalker, a noble Jedi Knight. Yet, as noble as he was, he was something of a lost soul. His mother had to stay behind on Tatooine while he went off to become a Jedi and she later died at the hands of the Sandpeople. He had to keep his love (and marriage) to Padme Amadala a secret. On top of that, somehow being a Jedi wasn’t enough and he was seduced by the Dark Side of the Sith. He lost Padme because of joining the Sith and never got to know his children. So, is he to be pitied, as well as feared? No, because in the end he redeems himself. In Episode VI, as the battle is raging in the space above and on the ground of Endor, Luke Skywalker, in the new Death Star, refuses to continue fighting Darth Vader. Therefore, the Emperor says, “So you shall die, Jedi” and starts zapping him. Luke cries out, “Father!” At that moment, Darth Vader picks up the Emperor and tosses him over a ledge. Vader is no longer lost. He sees that his son is in trouble and helps him. His love for son trumps any allegiance to the Sith and it brings him back to the way of the Jedi.

See, there is hope for all the bad guys out there to turn from their villainy. The thing is, they themselves have to see the error of their ways.



Deception in the Movies or I’m Not Lying

March 18, 2010

I recently saw a picture of a movie poster for an upcoming film called, The Joneses. (Release Date: April 16, 2010) The movie is about this family that moves into a gated community. They seem like an average upper-middle class family, with mom, dad and two kids, a son and daughter, except that they aren’t your average upper-middle class family. In reality, they are employees of a stealth marketing company and these employees were strategically placed in this community to help sell the products of their client companies.

Now that’s one movie I want to see.  It’s something original, not a redo/retread. Of course, “The Joneses” is a movie about deception and it isn’t the first movie about deception.  There are others and they are:

The Truman Show
Meet Truman Burbank, (Jim Carrey) he has a loving wife, the most best best friend there is and a great job. The thing is none of this is real. Truman’s entire life is one big reality show/soap opera and he doesn’t even know it.  Once he realizes what a sham his great life is, he chooses the real world over beautiful fakeness.  This film asks important questions about the nature of celebrity and how much power we allow television in our lives and only someone like Jim Carrey could pull it off. It was a shame he wasn’t nominated for Best Actor in this role.

Liar, Liar
Yet another Carrey vehicle, this time he plays a lawyer who habitually lies. (Big stretch, isn’t it?) Then, one day his son makes a wish that Daddy wouldn’t lie anymore and guess what happens? Yep, Daddy tells the truth—with comedic results.  After all, this is a Jim Carrey movie we’re talking about.

The Matrix Trilogy
What if your inklings that life as you know it, isn’t right.  That there is something beneath the surface, but you don’t know what that something is.  Everything seems okay, but it isn’t and you don’t know what to do, until a mysterious stranger walks into your life.  Welcome to the world of the Matrix, where one man is charged with saving humanity from forces that makes people believe that the “reality” people know and love isn’t, it is just computer program that keeps people in line. The Matrix trilogy had mind blowing special effects and told a story that asks important questions about life. So, it wasn’t just some sci-fi thrill ride.

Of course, telling the truth isn’t always the best course of action.  After all, imagine what would happen if men across the nation said to their wives or girlfriends, “Yes, that dress does make you look fat.” Or if women said to their husbands or boyfriends “You look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.” So, it could be said that saying noncommittal things like “You’ve done it again.” “Isn’t that something.”  is a good course of action. So is keeping your mouth shut.