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Phew! Not All Is Lost

March 17, 2011

Just when I thought Hollywood was just greenlighting remakes and reboots, I learn of a contest sponsored by FilmDemic, an independent film distribution company. This contest is for the best independent film trailer. The winners get to have their film screened at one of the FilmDemic Screening Series events in Los Angeles.

The founder of FilmDemic, Vaughn Juares felt it was important to help independent film makers find an audience for their work. “…[W]e partner with filmmakers, not take their film and toss it in to the black hole of distribution with no marketing support.” Juares said. In addition to the contest, FilmDemic allows filmmakers to submit their films on a non-exclusive basis. The filmmaker retains all the rights to the film and 60% of all net proceeds from the sale of their film through the FilmDemic online store and 50% of all net proceeds from all other distribution channels such as, DVD’s, television, VOD and theatrical releases.

Talk about a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone in the movie industry is looking for and funding original work. Granted, it specializes in independent films. Still, you have to start somewhere. After all, George Lucas, Martin Scorcese and other filmmakers started with minimal budgets. I was bothered when I learned about the remakes of Arthur and The Bodyguard. Surely there must be enough money out there to fund something original? Thankfully Juares and others at FilmDemic are putting their money and marketing know-how where their mouths are.

Now I want to see the big studios do the same thing. After all, they have a lot of money at their disposal. How hard can it be to find and fund an original project?  I don’t think it is so hard, then again I don’t run a film studio. So, I have a feeling that the studios will be riding the remake/reboot train for a while and the original stuff will come from the independents like FilmDemic.

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Guess What I Did A Few Days Ago?

February 18, 2011

Did I engage in some act of debauchery that will be explained and celebrated (with photos) for all in the blogosphere to read, view and enjoy?


Did I engage in some act that seemed right at the time but soon turned out to be wrong and will be exposed for all in the blogosphere, as subsequent proof of why I am a horrible human being and I deserve all the bad things that have befallen me in my life?


Actually, I entered a contest.  No, the contest did not involve debauchery or literary self-flagellation.  Rather it was a simple and fun contest, sponsored by and the Chicago Sun-Times, whereby people are invited to outguess Roger Ebert’s Oscar picks. The person or persons who correctly pick all Oscar winners gets a $100,000. So, I sent in my picks and I’ll let you know in a later entry what they are and if I won anything.

Yes, I admit it, I’m a contest junkie. If all I have to do is send in my name and address or answer a few questions, I’m in. Yet, this contest got me thinking. (Here we go again.) While the Academy Awards are the granddaddy of all awards shows and only members of the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences can vote, in the end picking the Oscar winners are as much popularity contest, as they are, “This seems like a good pick”, as they are “This is the Oscars, we care about art of film” as they are “Einny, Meanny, Minney, Moe”  In the contest, I tried to pick films that weren’t hailed by the critics as Oscar favorites, but in my mind, they had a chance. Then again, I’m no cinema scholar. I’m not a member of the Academy. I’m just an ordinary Jane who sells movie posters and blogs about collecting, movie posters and pop culture. Therefore, my choices are just as good or bad as anyone else’s.

So, if you are planning to watch the Oscars, have fun watching the spectacle. Just know that most, if not all, of the people who voted for the nominees aren’t anymore smarter or more cultured than you are.

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