A Different Kind of Movie Poster

For the most part I get my ideas for this blog from Google Alerts. In case you are unfamiliar with this service, you sign up at Google and you request to have links send to you on any subject you desire. Obviously, I chose movie posters. Well, this week’s entry was suggested by someone out in cyberspace. Specifically the senior editor at Collectors Weekly.Com, Ben Marks, sent me an email about article in the June 17 issue of his publication dealing with a company based in Austin, Texas called Mondo and its work in creating and selling new posters for previously released movies. You can read the article here.

Even though I dealt with this subject before, (see Current Trends in Movie Posters, April 21, 2011 and Less Is More, August 18, 2010  ) I figured I would revisit it, because it is an interesting subject. In a nutshell, the article is about how Mondo has rock poster artists create movie posters for the special screening that they do.  For example, Mondo had a screening of the Sam Rami horror film Evil Dead and they had a limited number of posters made for the event. Not only are these posters clever re-imagings of the original (see below and FYI the one on the left is from Mondo, the one on the right is from the original theatrical release of the film)

but a robust Mondo poster flipping marketing has emerged. People will buy these posters and within minutes of completing the sale, they will then list the Mondo poster on eBay and sell it. For example, in 2010 Mondo did posters for the three original Star Wars films and sold them for $50 each. Now the average price for the set of these posters on eBay is $650.

Mondo’s work isn’t the only example of movie poster that weren’t created or commissioned by the major studios. Just Google “Fan created movie posters” which are exactly that, movie posters created by fans of a particular movie or genre and 43,900,000 results come up.  (That’s a lot of people with time on their hands.) Also, Director Ed Burns recently held a movie poster contest for his film Newlyweds. The winner would be chosen based on who gets the most number of votes on Facebook.

These posters, in addition to being great works of art, show that one form of art, namely film, can influence another form of art, namely static images created either by hand (i.e. drawing, painting or lithography), created by photographic means or those created electronically (i.e. Photoshop). As I stated in many ways and in many times in this blog, it takes a talented artist to create a thing of beauty. Be it a movie poster created from the art department of a movie studio to a movie poster created by a company like Mondo or by an individual, good talent is good talent and a cool looking movie poster is a cool looking movie poster—no matter where it comes from.

P.S. Thanks Mr. Marks for emailing me. Let me know what you think of this blog entry.




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