Movies I Don’t Like

People like to talk about the movies they like and why. Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, let me tell you that this blog entry won’t be about movies that I like. It will be about movies I didn’t like. I must admit, I’ve been pretty lucky. Most of the movies I went to see were ones that I liked, still there were a few that when they ended, I was left without a smile on my face and they were:

The Last Starfighter
The guys at The Movie Show asked me what movie disappointed me and I answered The Last Starfighter, much to their chagrin.  The movie had a good premise. A teenager who lives in trailer park, gets a high score in a videogame, is then recruited to fight evil aliens and ends up saving the galaxy from said aliens. The trouble was that I found the execution to be so blah. I didn’t care about any of the characters. The special effects didn’t move me, even though I later learn it was one of the first movies to have computer animated special effects. I watched the whole thing just to see how it would end and at the end I was like, “Okay, its over now. Time to go home.”

Starship Troopers
Would you believe this was a date movie for me? I was talking on the phone with a guy about a serious subject and out of the blue he said, “Why don’t you come with me to see Starship Troopers?” I said yes without knowing anything about the film. I later learn the movie was loosely based on a Robert Heinlein book of the same name. One level it was a good film, since dealt with a group of teens in the near future who joined the armed forces to defend Earth against evil aliens. (Those evil aliens like to get around and cause trouble.) Yet, the level of onscreen violence was too much for me and it took away my ability to enjoy the film because I felt forced to brace myself for the next gory part.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I saw this when it was released on video at my brother’s friend’s house and all I can say about it is:

Yuck!  All that blood and gore and senseless violence. Really what is the movie about anyway? I don’t remember any plot other than some ugly guy who drives around with a chainsaw and saws people up. Yuck, what a gross film.

It would be nice if those where the only three films I didn’t like, but since Hollywood is churning out movie after movie, I have a feeling that there will be more movies that I’ll end up not liking.

Oh well, more fodder for the blog.



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