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An article in Mashable mentioned how tweets were being used in an ad campaign for a art exhibit in New York City. Posters were placed in subways and they had a quote from a New York Times art critic and a URL to a website that will feature tweets from those who saw the exhibit along with the critic’s quote.

The article mentioned that this could be used for movie posters. Now that would be very interesting. Instead of the same ol’quotes from the usual movie critic suspects, there would be tweets like:

Great FX, worth the $ 4 3D.

The guy doesn’t get the girl.


Needs more blood & gore.

LYAO funny! See this movie.

Wait for Netflix.

DUMB will dump bf b/c of film.

Granted the studios will figure out a way to show the positive comments and not highlight the negative, still if you think about it, the tweets aren’t exactly a new phenomena.  Don’t you ask your friends what they thought of a particular movie and don’t you follow their advice, at least some of the time? In fact, according to the article, Brüno was a victim of tweets. While the film had a good opening night, the weekend returns weren’t as great because there were more negative than positive tweets about the movie.

People will express their opinions to friends, either face to face or via online social networks. Before online social networks, it took a few days for word of mouth to spread. Now, with such networks, it takes just a few hours.

Of course, as far as I’m concerned I see whatever movie I want and don’t bother asking advice on which film to see. Being lost in the fantasy is what I love about going to the movies and I don’t want anything to spoil my moviegoing experience. Though, I must admit, if someone told me what a blah film The Last Starfighter was, I probably would have seen something else.



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