There’s an App for That?

How do I come up with subjects for my blog entries? Well, I could say that I scour the Internet all hours of the day and night looking for just the right subjects, but that would be a lie. I actually use Google Alerts and everyday I get links from all over the web about movie posters. From these links, I find subjects to write about. (Don’t look at me at that, some bloggers, like me, have a life outside of the Internet.)

Anyway, I found some information about an iPhone ™ App that allows a person to make any photo into a movie poster. Do wonders never cease? Turn your Facebook profile photo into a horror or blockbuster type of movie posters for your iPod™, iPhone™ or iPad™—all for the low price of $0.99. (ha-ha) Seriously now, this is just another electronic time waster, made by some geek who is most likely still waiting for Tomb Raider 3 to be greenlighted.

Yet, as fun as it might seem to take a photo and turn it into a movie poster, I say:

1.)   It doesn’t compare to the real thing.

2.)   Personal pictures should be left alone to tell their own story.

In addition to being advertising vehicles and reminders of movies that we enjoyed, movie posters tap into our memories, fantasies as well as hopes and dreams. Personal pictures are part of the story of our lives. A picture of a baby covered with strands of spaghetti is funny and charming in and of itself. Take that picture and turn it into a movie poster with the title of “The Spaghetti Strikes Back” it crosses into the corny territory.

Movie posters and personal pictures have their place as separate entities. They work best when the they aren’t combined.



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