Living Movie Posters

What’s next with movie posters?  Funny you should ask. I was surfing the Internet to find info for future blog entries and I happened upon a blog entry about “Living Movie Posters” the link to entry is below.

Basically, this is a movie poster that is dynamic. Let’s say you are in a mall and you are walking towards one of those advertising kiosks/stands. This stand features a movie poster and as you get closer, it starts to show the characters from the movie in action, moving in the poster space.  The blog entry has a YouTube clip that demonstrates this. I saw this and it was very cool.

Of course, this will be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s next for movie posters. That also means that one day there may not be paper movie posters, but images saved on DVD. What will that mean for collectors? It won’t mean the end of movie poster collecting. Instead, it will be expanded to include living movie poster DVDs or whatever medium they will be saved on. They will play on specialized frames that either hook up to a media player or has one built in to the frame.

Still, what about paper movie posters?  What’s wrong with a static poster, where you see a picture and in your mind’s eye, you put yourself there?  Well, the short answer is that nothing is wrong with paper movie posters. They are an art form for the masses. They’ll be around for a while. The long answer is that living movie poster will open up more artistic possibilities. The living movie poster will feature not only characters from the movie, but as technology evolves, it may be able to interact with the viewer.  Now, wouldn’t that be cool.


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