It Sank, They Did It, They Died, They Lived Happily Ever After & I Didn’t See It

One would expect that I would gush about movies and how much I love them on this blog. Well, this entry isn’t going to be about how much I love movies. Instead this entry is about movies I haven’t seen. “Wait a minute.” You must be saying. “If you haven’t seen a movie, what can you write about it?” Read on and you’ll find out.

Never mind the Jack and Rose love story.  Never mind that it was directed by James Cameron. (He was the one who directed Terminator.) Never mind that it won 11 Academy Awards, including best picture and director. All I could think about when this movie came out was all the people in steerage who died when the Titanic sank. Thinking of those people didn’t make me eager to see the movie.

Of course, if you are still into the Jack and Rose love story, let me share a quote from Peter Shankman, PR person extraordinaire and creator of the Help A Reporter Out (aka HARO) email list. In late 1997, he printed these words on a t-shirt about Titanic:

 “It Sank… Get Over It”

Teen movies from the 1980’s
Teen movies from the 1980’s, such as Spring Break and Fast Times at Ridgemont High have to do with the main characters finding a way to lose their virginity, getting a date to the big dance with the popular girl/guy, making to a desired location such as Florida/Mexico/Caribbean for spring break or an underground club for a night of debauchery, or just suffering through school so that a character can do more important things, like surf or get high.

I was a teenager in the 1980’s and I was angry that these kinds of films were being made. Unlike the teenagers portrayed in these and other films of the time, I was serious about my studies, my life and my future. I wasn’t itching to drink lots of beer and score with a guy. Instead, I was itching to go to college (university for those living outside of the U.S.) and get on the New York Times Bestsellers List. So, I boycotted these and John Hughes’ films too, even though his films portrayed teens less as stereotypes and more as human beings. (Yes, I was that angry.) Granted my little boycott of teen movies didn’t stop them from being made. Still, I’m glad I made my stand on principle. 

Slasher Films
I must admit, I did see one slasher film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I saw it on video at the home of one of my brother’s friends.  I have this to say about it:

Yuck!  What a gross movie. 

It could be argued that slasher films were the violence to the teen films sex and both genres appealed to teenagers. Still, spending money to see some homicidal maniac chop, slice, dice and julienne people wasn’t my idea of entertainment. Also to top it off, the homicidal maniac was never caught. He just disappeared, only to reappear in numerous sequels.

Mamma Mia
Yes, I know, this was the feel good movie of the summer of 2008. It was based on the Broadway musical of the same name, which was based on the music of the 1970’s pop group ABBA.  How could I not see this movie?  Simple, I thought about going to see this movie, when I realized something:

I don’t like music of ABBA, its too saccharine for my tastes.

Now if a movie were made based on the music of Duran Duran or Genesis or Billy Joel or Elton John, then I would go. Wait a minute!  There’s Movin’ Out, a broadway musical based on the music of Billy Joel. I wonder if THAT will be made into a movie?



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