The Movie Date

Quick, name a good first date activity. If you said, the movie date, you’re right. It could be argued that the development of movie theaters brought about modern dating. After all, where else could young people go in the early 1900’s that was away from parental eyes? (Other than the barn, remember the cows have eyes, as well.)

Still, what is it about the movie date that makes it the fail safe night out? It’s not like there aren’t other entertainment options or other things a couple can do. Well, here is what I think:

1.) It’s a cheap date. A movie date that includes dinner should cost no more than $50.  Without dinner, the price goes down to $25 with snacks, $18 without snacks. Each price is not a high price to pay for a night out for two people. You can’t do dinner and a concert or dinner and a play for less than $100. (If you can, let me know.)

2.) The focus is on the movie, not the couple. Watching a movie gives the couple something else to concentrate on besides each other. Watching a movie gives each member of the couple a fun activity to engage in without having to talk about each other, which can be stressful.  Why?  Simple what is being honest and forthright to one person is too much information to another and too much information can be a deal breaker.  So, a movie lets a couple put off the disclosure issue for another time. 

3.) Low risk, shared experience. Both parties are taking part in an enjoyable activity that doesn’t ask them to do much, except to keep quiet during the presentation. It was the powers that be in Hollywood who spent millions of dollars to create the cinematic masterpiece. All the couple has to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

4.) Fantasy that can lead into reality. One person or even both imagine that they are the hero, gets the girl or guy or all of the above. Of course, the other person has no idea what is going on in his or her date’s head. After the engaging in the fantasy, that person feels great and his or her date sees person who is in a good mood. That in turn makes the date more attractive and increases the likelihood of the occurrence of a second and possibly third date.

Well, that’s it, the movie date distilled into four points. If only all things were as easy to do as the movie date and have such a positive outcome.


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