There’s Something About Movie Posters

“Come on, Ilena,” many of you must be saying now. “You’re writing this blog just to promote your web site.” 

 Well, you’re right. I admit to some self promotion. Still, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that not every post talks about my site. Like the masthead states, this blog is about movie posters, collecting and pop culture as it relates to the movie industry. This entry will be about movie posters and it is proof that I’m not the only one who thinks a movie poster would look great hanging from a wall. A writer from, BaileyS feels the same way.  Read her post here:

BaileyS gives some great advice on how to pick the right poster and on the mechanics of framing and hanging the poster. Still, picking and hanging the right movie poster aside, what is it about movie posters that is so fascinating and causes people to spend $310,000 just to have one to hang on their wall?

Well, here is what I think:

1.) Coolness—Movie posters have a certain aura around them. Having a poster, be it a blockbuster like Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark or something from the art house like Metropolis or Eraserhead, sets you apart from the folks who had a poster featuring their favorite band or a famous pin-up du jour. It was as if the movie poster owner had an inside track on coolness and if another person found favor with the movie poster owner then the movie poster owner would share his or her secret on coolness.

2.) Scarcity—They aren’t available in stores. Before the Internet, a person had to buy a movie poster from a dealer or rescue a poster from a movie theater dumpster. Think about it, if movie posters were available for $5.99 at Wal-Mart, would anyone treat them with such reverence?

3.) They Advertise Movies—Even with all the choices we have for entertainment, movies still have the power take us to a place where the “…villain goes to jail and the hero goes free.” Movies, especially Hollywood movies, are escapist cinema at its best.  Why else would they continue to make money.

Well, that’s the story for this week. Tune next for another exciting blog. Okay, so the entries aren’t exciting, but they are informative.


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