Foreign Movie Posters

You didn’t think I was going to stop at U.S. movie posters, now did you? Thanks to the Internet, a collector can get movie posters from other countries, as well as from the U.S. Many times these foreign posters feature American blockbusters. Che sera, sera.

So, for your dining and dancing pleasure, here is some information about foreign movie posters. Again, this is not an all inclusive list. If you have information about sizes and styles not listed here, please email me and I will list them in a future entry.

United Kingdom Movie Poster Sizes
Quad 30 x 40 inches, landscape format. American films playing in the U.K. use this format it has different artwork from the U.S. One Sheet.

Train Station Billboard 40 x 60 inches. This is used in train stations, hence the name.

French Movie Poster Sizes
Petite 15 x 21 inches. Printed in French (obviously) and has the French title of the movie with the American title in parenthesis.

Medium 24 x 32 inches. A little smaller than an U.S. One Sheet.

Large 47 x 63 inches. If I saw a poster that was 47 x 63 inches, I would call it “Large”, as well.

Bus Station/Train Station Kiosk 48 x 72 inches. This is a recent development and this type of poster is found in bus and train stations, of course.

Australian Movie Poster Sizes
Day Bill 30 x 13 inches, landscape format. American films playing in Australia use this format and it has different artwork from the U.S. One Sheet.

Polish Movie Posters
From the 1950’s to the 1980’s in Poland, the artwork of a movie poster was creatively rendered by an artist.  These posters were related to their U.S. counterparts in title only. These posters are amazing works of art and a testament to the ingenuity and imagination of the individual artist. Words don’t do this kind of poster justice. You have to see a Polish movie poster for yourself. Thankfully, there is the Internet. There are many sites dedicated to the artwork of Polish movie posters. (I typed Polish Movie Posters on Google for this blog entry and over 580,000 sites were listed.) One site that I want to point out is This site has pictures of 35 Polish movie posters that I think are very cool. If you want to see this collection for yourself, check it out here:

So, when you see the phrases like UK Quad, French Petite, Australian Day Bill or Polish movie poster used, you won’t wonder what those words means.



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