Hello and welcome to the Just Movie Posters blog.  This blog will be about movie posters (obviously), collecting and pop culture, as it relates to the movie industry.  If you are looking for a confessional blog, as in: “Waaah! My life sucks!” or “Hey, check out the pictures of what I did last night.” this isn’t the blog for you.  Believe it or not, this is my second attempt at blogging.  I tried blogging in 2006-2007 via my web site, Just Movie Posters.Com, but for various reasons I had to stop.  Anyway, let’s get this entry started.

One of my favorite television shows is PBS’ Antiques Roadshow*, which is the U.S. version of the BBC show of the same name. I enjoy seeing the items, hearing the stories of how the things were acquired and learning the history of the objects.  Yet, what is it that compels mature adults to collect things as such as baseball cards or paintings or vases or movie posters.  Shouldn’t we consider getting rid of our “junk” and decluttering our lifes?  Well, I think it is two things that compel collecting:

1. Beauty—A painting, vase, movie poster or even a baseball card (depending who is featured) is pleasing to the eye and can make one’s surroundings more pleasant.

2. Link To The Past—An object can remind us of days gone by when we were younger and less stressed, which in turn makes us feel good in the present.

Note, I didn’t add value. Why? Because not every old or new item is worth lots of money. If you are going to spend your money on something, and it doesn’t have to do with the biggies of food, shelter, taxes, healthcare, education and retirement, then the item you spend money on should give you some measure of joy.

Something to think about as you wade through your collection of baseball cards, paintings, vases, movie posters or whatever.

*To learn more about Antiques Roadshow go to and type in keyword Antiques Roadshow.


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